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Post-Trip Reflections
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Post-Trip Reflections
As I sit in the comfort of my family room, I can't but reflect on our Maranatha trip.  Last week, my husband and our group gave a small presentation to the church.  Unfortunately, I was not there.  The three questions that Thom wanted us to focus on:   1) how has the mission has changed us in a way we didn't expect; 2) what was the most memorable experience; and 3) as a result of our experience, what (if anything) do we want to
change about how we live your life.

When I read these three questions both my left and right brain started to work at the same time. So, be patient with me while I sort through each question.  I've been undoubtedly changed by this short-term mission. When I first got my kitchen assignment, I was kickin and screamin.  I'm not a culinary chef and that was the last place I wanted to spend my vacation.  However, my experience in the kitchen was very positive.  Each day, the Lord taught me how to serve Him by slicing vegetables and fruits, making Kool-Aid, washing dishes, and serving ravished team members.  I realize for the first time in my life that we don't need a high profile role in fulfilling God's mission.  It was a spiritual high, working on a closed-knit team to fulfill God's work.

The second question is difficult to answer because all of my senses have been very stimulated in Peru.  My most memorable experience was the last Sabbath in La Union.  There was a newness in the air. The kind we experience on New Years Eve.  As we got ready to go to the church we were all excited.  The local town people could sense something special was happening in the church, as they were blessed by catchy Praise Music tunes playing loudly over the speakers.  As Mark and Alan were doing the sound check, I was awed by the beautiful, sturdy stucco structure.  I had to swallow a little at the thought that in two weeks, we were able to build a wonderful sanctuary for our Lord.  I could imagine the angels joyfully surrounding the brand new church.  As Sabbath School and the Service continued, the church was filled with our Peru Conference guests, our Maranatha team, La Union Church members and  curious locales.  It became standing room only.  

I was especially touched by the North Peruvian President-Elect.  He spoke about his passion of growing the work in La Union.  He tearfully paused couple times as he was overcome with emotions when he was describing the history of the work in La Union.  His heart and soul was in La Union.  He donated the land for the church!  What a revelation to me!  It's no wonder that Peru is considered to be a hot zone for our church work.  Our Peruvian brethrens and sisters are on fire for the Lord.

I never thought my two week experience in Peru would affect me as it has done.  I want to continue to serve the Lord and continue this spiritual journey, here in the US.  As Elisha asked for the cloak of Elijah, I would like to ask the Lord for the same zeal as our Peruvian church family to finish the work here in Alabama.  I would like my life to reflect service for Him whether I'm on the job, at home or at church.  

In Him,