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July 27 Peru Update
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July 27 Peru Update
I can´t believe that it is already Thursday.  We only have two more days before we head back to the United States. I bet you are wondering what´s going on right now. I´ll be glad to give you the update while I´m being serenaded by a marching band in the nearby town square. 
There is a big celebration today at La Union. I just tried asking the Internet Café Monitor the name of the celebration. He did not understand me and instead he opened the door to the outside wider so I can hear the band music. Off course I thanked him.  So much for my Spanish! 

The church is projected to be completed soon. As I´m composing this update, our guys are working on the roof while the natives are working on the stucco. The church looks real nice. We are all proud of our team. We are looking forward to a big celebration this coming Saturday. We will be worshipping in the church with some of the top SDA Peruvian Conference leaders. I especially look forward to additional baptisms. Someone said that there is a possibility of 20 baptismal candidates. That would be great! Our team also donated 100 chairs for this new church. It will definitely be filled for this coming Sabbath. 
The Medical team dismantled yesterday. They donated the remainder of medicines to the local hospital. Dr. Quirante reported yesterday that they had seen over 730+ patients in five and a half days. I had a chance to hang out with them yesterday. I was impressed. Everything was very orderly from the triage to the makeshift pharmacy. The translators were invaluable to our Medical team. We are very grateful for Dr. Quirante´s dedication in serving the Lord through her profession. 

As far as the Kitchen team is concerned, we are still intact. We will be functioning till we leave La Union. We are having too much fun making recipes using interesting ingredients such as Oatmeal-Peanut Butter patty with Shake and Bake. Yes, you read it correctly. Believe me, it tastes very good. Our culinary chefs are Tammy, Thom´s sister and Wayne´s Mom and Aunts. Last night, we almost had a riot over some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. We had a small pan of it. Everyone had a rationed portion. Couple of the kids went nutso!   While some of us adults are planning to take a nice long hot shower upon our return to the US, I believe the kids want a chunk of chocolate chip cookies. I don´t want to leave you with the impression that we are starving. It´s the contrary!
Please keep us in your prayers as we make our way back this coming weekend. Our travel will be a marathon. We will leave our hostel by 7 am this Sunday and ride bus back to Lima. That´s projected to be at least a 6 to 7 hours trip. We will board plane for the US five minutes after midnight. 
I need to go now. There´s a chance that I may not be able to update you once more, given the flurry of activities. Either way, thanks for putting up with my rantings.

Hasta Luego or Luega!