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Interview with Maranatha Kids
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Interview with Maranatha Kids

As I´ve mentioned before, we have three teens on our trip.  They are an asset to the team.  They are inheriting a rich missionary tradition.  Tatiyana who is 10 years old is on her sixth Maranatha mission trip.  Ben who is 13 is on his third mission trip while 11 year old Jonathan is on his second Maranatha mission trip.  Like other adults, I´m extremely proud of them.  I wanted to understand their perspective of the trip.  Recently, I had a chance to interview them.  Tatiyana, Ben, and Jonathan are interested in embarking on another Maranatha trip.


What do you like about this Maranatha trip?

Tatiyana: It´s adventurous.  It´s exciting to go to new places to see how people live.

Ben:  Meeting new people and helping new people

Jonathan:  I like that I am helping people.  I like building a church and it´s such a joy to see people getting baptized.


How have you been helping?

Tatiyana:  In the kitchen, chopped a lot of tomatoes including cutting my finger.

Ben:  Construction team, sifted rocks in the heat and poured cement.

Jonathan:  Construction team side-by-side with Ben, tied poles with wire.


How do you feel about the children in La Union?

Tatiyana:  They are very sweet and cute.

Ben:  I feel bad because they are poor and we have lots of stuff.

Jonathan:  I think that the children are cool, awesome and very friendly.


Suppose you were rich, how can you make Peru better?

Tatiyana: I would give them warm showers and give them bricks for their houses instead of straw and mud.

Ben:  I would clean up their city and improve their plumbing.

Jonathan: Clean up. Buy more medical supplies they needed.


What is your funniest experience?

All three said the chicken ¨dance¨ that was part of the social with the local SDA church.


How has this Maranatha trip brought you closer to God?

Tatiyana:  I should be more grateful to God.  I´m grateful for food

Ben: You get to help people.

Jonathan:  Helping people has brought me closer to God.  It´s nice to build a sanctuary for people.