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July 23rd Peru Update
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July 23rd Peru Update
This is my second attempt in providing an update to our website. Apparently, the website timed out. It´s 10 pm here in LaUnion, Peru. It´s funny to see a bunch of hungry teens waiting to use the internet. This small town is a little third world. I feel like telling them to push on forward. Their time will come. It makes me a little ashamed for taking technology for granted in the US.

Anyways, today was a work day for our Maranatha team. Everyone was back to their routine after a nice Saturday. Yesterday, we were blessed by a wonderful Sabbath School and Church Service. Randall R. taught our lesson while Gus translated it for the natives. What a wonderful sight it was to see over 30 yound people complete the Evangelistic seminar. Each one donned a smile on their face as they made their way to the podium to receive their certificate.
The service was led by the meeting Evangelist from Lima. He had a lot of charisma. Gus provided the English translation for us. The sermon was about standing firm as Daniel´s three friends did before they were thrown into the fiery den. After the sermon, the Evangelist made a call for baptism. About 15 graduates of the seminar came forward. They responded affirmatively as the Evangelist read the vows aloud. It is interesting that the baptism was likened to a marriage.
Immediately after the service, a whole group of us paraded our way through the main street to go to the nearby river for the baptism. It was at least a 20 minute walk one way. We arrived at a beautiful spot below a small picturesque waterfall. The candidates quickly changed behind the bushes and made their way into the cool waters. The Evangelist baptized each candidate one by one.

We were glad to witness this spiritual milestone of our Peruvian brothers and sisters. Also, we were a source of encouragement for the local church. We´ve virtually seen the church double in growth yesterday with these baptisms.
We were sad to see Gus leave for the US last night. He is a Physician Assistant. who provided great service at the Medical clinic. He always lit the room with his positive presence. We are grateful for his willingness to translate.
We are relieved to see that couple of our key team members are doing well after being ill with stomach problems. We had a wonderful sun down service at the Hostel courtyard. We enjoyed singing praises to our Great Fther who brought us to this wonderful country.
Last night fter sundown a large group of us went and joined the LaUnion SDA church for their social. We had a blast! We played many Peruvian games standing in a circle. It´s similar to a square dance without the dance part . Our Peruvian family is very energetic and hospitable. They gave us some fresh popcorn and piping hot tea. It was great!

In the stillness of the night, we walked back to our Hostel. We passed by the silhouttes of the few natives laced along the streets. All our initial jitters and shyness have been removed by our new church friends. They´ve shown us what it means to be rich through their lives in Peru. They live their lives unhurried. They spend time daily with their families and friends. Most of all, they are willing to serve God will all their hearts and souls.
Stay tuned for my next report on the role of kids on our Maranatha team!