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July 21st Peru Update
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July 21st Peru Update

 I can´t believe that it is already Friday. We´ve been real busy all week.  The church construction team has made some enormous progress.  The church walls are fairly high.  As far as the Medical team is concerned, I´ve heard some awesome stories.  The Medical team is not only tackling the physical needs of the patients but are also interested in the spiritual and emotional aspects.  They have been using the local pastor for counselling.

Yesterday was special for me when couple other ladies from the kitchen and I went to the local market.  I was mesmerized by the sounds, smell, and merchandise.  I enjoyed meeting people and learning that there is a denomination of money beyond 20.  I had to quickly jot my numbers in my mind.  My favorite experience was at a kiosk where an older woman was trying to peddle a beautiful blanket.  I felt bad because I did not have enough money.  I just responded it´s gorgeous.  She laughed and responded gorgeous.  She kept repeating the word.  We just laughed.  Lord, thank you for laughter.  It´s universal!

Last night, Mark, Alan and I went to the local evangelistic meeting.  We were moved to see at least 75 mostly young attendees.  They were eager to learn the Bible and know Jesus more intimately.  Last night´s topic was about the Judgement.  When the minister made a call with the sound of ¨Open My Eyes Lord¨ in the background I felt the Holy Spirit touching me also.  There were no language barriers when Mark, Alan, and I joined our Peruvian bretherns and sisters in singing ¨God is So Good¨ in Spanish.  I was told that already 30 individuals have made the decision to follow Christ into baptism.  Tomorrow, we will witness some of the baptisms in the river.

I can´t wait till we get to Heaven one day.  There, I´ll meet my family from all over the world.  I can´t wait to celebrate Sabbath tomorrow with our Peruvian family.  It will be special.  

Continue to keep us in your prayers.  Some of us still have different symptoms due to altitude.  With God´s help we are making it through each day.  We are grateful for our experience here.

I´m sorry about the lack of pictures.  Mark is working on it.  We need to ¨shrink¨our pictures before we upload them.

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