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July 19th Peru Update
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July 19th Peru Update

Let me start again.  Our Maranatha team comprises of individuals from nearly 7 states: Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Oregon, Nebraska, Minnesota, and the country of Columbia.  We come from all walks of life.  We even have individuals who are not Seventh Day Adventists. 

When we started this trip there were a lot of unknowns.  But, each day we are overcoming these challenges with God´s help.  When Thom and Wayne went out on the scouting excursion and they gave us a report, they did not exaggerate about the rugged roads leading to La Union, the primitive conditions of this town, and altitude sickness.  When we came to this village we were very exhausted, tired and skeptical.  But, the sweet smiles of the people and the curiosity of the children have helped us overcome our squemishness each day. 

We have been deeply moved by their warm welcome and hospitality.  We were given a special welcome by both the mayor of La Union and the mayor of the nearby village.  We were also greeted by the leaders of the local church Conference.  We met the Pastor and his wife from this town.  He apparently has 31 churches now.  Talk about a calling!

I feel so badely for not keeping up with my high school Spanish. Just this morning, a mother stooped over with her child sadled on her back spoke to me.  I could not respond back.  I badely wanted to understand her.

Each of our teams have settled down nicely.  We all have a routine of some sorts.  I´m on the kitchen team. I am very comfortable with my new friends.  They have a big heart.  We work tirelessly in preparing each meal meticulously.  You may be wondering what exactly do we serve.  The cuisine has been awesome.  Tammie, Thom´s sister, motivates us to make each meal extra special.  Brace yourselves!  We´ve served everything from hot pancakes to sloppy joe.  I just love the array of fruits and vegetables that is available here.. pineapples, apples, bananas, oranges, avocados, papayas and etc.. It is going to be difficult to follow this act when we return to US.

As far as the construction team is concerned, they are making wonderful progress.  Tomorrow, with Mark´s help, I´ll load a picture or two for you.  You can see the progress for yourself.  Thom and Wayne have hired some of the local church members and Maranatha team.  I heard that they are ahead of the schedule. It is exciting to see progress.

As far as the Medical team is concerned, they are settling in nicely.  Yesterday, they set up a clinic and assisted some of the church members with medical problems.  Today, they are conducting a full clinic.  I heard Elena say that some of the common complaints range from gastroentritis, back aches from carrying children and heavy stuff, headaches, and even altitude sickness.  Can you imagine that!  Some of the individuals live way up on the mountains.

Another exciting thing that I can report to you is that our church members here are conducting special meetings.We want to keep them in our prayers.

I need to go for now but stay tuned for pictures. Maybe, we´ll have them tomorrow.  Most everyone on our team want the family members to know that they are doing well.   I´ll try to keep you updated as much as I can but I won´t necessarily give all details.  I´ll leave that up to Thom and each member on the team.  Everyone has a story to tell.

Keep us in your prayers.  While we continue to serve God here in Peru, may we make a difference.