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JANUARY      2015.01.10-Sermon - Ed Cox - The Reapairer's of the Breach
  2015.01.17-Sermon - Ryan Becker - Putting Your Life in God's Plans
  2015.01.24-Sermon - Joyce Russell - Put on Your Armor.mp3
  2015.01.31-Sermon - Kenny Anderson - The Smell That I Died For
FEBRUARY  2015.02.07-Sermon - Derek Lane - Speak the Word Only.mp3
  2015.02.14-Sermon - Jaime Pombo - True Love.mp3
  2015.02.28-Sermon - Stan Hobbs - He Opened the Gate
MARCH            2015.03.14-Sermon - Adriana Perera - Jesus The Center of our Message.mp3
  2015.03.21-Sermon - Thom Lopez - Obeying God's Call to Ministry.mp3   
  2015.03.28-Sermon - David Person - Consider Confer and Speak Up.mp3

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